With Wankaya

In an industry bombarded with a wealth of individual products designated for particular hair textures, ONE by Wankaya’s founder discovered one key challenge that exhausted a lot of time and money as a hair stylist which was blending various products to create long-lasting, light and healthy care results for all textures of hair.

After discovering the challenge, it was then that Wankaya realized a demand within the hair care industry and embarked on her quest to customize a simpler, cost-effective, yet fortifying blend for all textures of hair.

Wankaya’s mission was quite clear; create ONE product designed to rejuvenate, moisturize, create shine, fortify and stimulate hair growth while leaving your hair feeling weightless and luxurious.

ONE by Wankaya’s full range of products embodies fundamental nutrients necessary to maintain beautiful and healthy hair care without having to combine an assortment of hair care products to achieve the above mentioned goals for your hair.

Through all of Wankaya’s sleepless nights and passion to bring ONE product to the world, ONE by Wankaya was birthed for all hair textures, young and mature, to achieve alluring long-lasting results in ONE shampoo and ONE conditioner.